Discovering the best vegan cities in Canada is like embarking on a treasure hunt. Each city offers its own unique, mouth-watering vegan cuisine that will leave you craving for more. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore these verdant Canadian gems.

  1. Vancouver: A Vegan Paradise
  2. Toronto: The Plant-Based Capital of Eastern Canada
  3. Montreal: A Cultural Melting Pot of Vegan Delights
  4. Calgary: The Rising Star of Veganism in Western Canada
  5. Ottawa: A Vegan Oasis in the Nation’s Capital
  6. Honorable Mentions: Other Great Vegan Cities in Canada

Vancouver: A Vegan Paradise

Why Vancouver?

Imagine taking a bite out of a juicy, meat-free burger while gazing at the breathtaking scenery of snow-capped mountains and lush green forests. That’s what you’ll experience when visiting Vancouver, one of the best vegan cities in Canada.

Must-Try Vegan Restaurants

  • Meet: This popular local chain offers scrumptious comfort food like poutine and mac n’ cheese that will make you feel right at home.
  • Virtuous Pie: Pizza lovers rejoice! This plant-based pizzeria serves up innovative pies topped with artisanal nut cheeses and creative ingredients.
  • The Acorn: A fine-dining experience like no other, The Acorn presents beautifully plated vegan dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Toronto: The Plant-Based Capital of Eastern Canada

Why Toronto?

The bustling metropolis of Toronto is a haven for vegans, boasting a diverse range of plant-based restaurants and vegan-friendly establishments. From vegan doughnuts to plant-based sushi, Toronto has it all.

Must-Try Vegan Restaurants

  • Planta: A trendy hotspot that offers an extensive menu of globally inspired dishes, including mouthwatering sushi and truffle mac n’ cheese.
  • Apiecalypse Now!: Craving something sweet? Their vegan doughnuts and soft serve ice cream will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Bloomer’s: This cozy cafe is the perfect spot for brunch, offering delicious bagels, sandwiches, and baked treats.

Montreal: A Cultural Melting Pot of Vegan Delights

Why Montreal?

Montreal’s rich cultural heritage provides a unique fusion of flavors for vegans to explore. The city’s vibrant food scene features an array of plant-based dishes inspired by cuisines from around the globe.

Must-Try Vegan Restaurants

  • Aux Vivres: A staple in the Montreal vegan community, Aux Vivres serves up hearty and flavorful dishes like their famous BLT made with coconut bacon.
  • Lola Rosa: With three locations throughout the city, this vegetarian eatery boasts an impressive selection of vegan options from nachos to lasagna.
  • Sushi Momo: Who said vegans can’t enjoy sushi? Sushi Momo is a game-changer with its innovative plant-based sushi rolls that are sure to impress.

Calgary: The Rising Star of Veganism in Western Canada

Why Calgary?

Calgary may be known for its cowboy culture and world-famous rodeo, but it’s quickly becoming a hotbed for vegan dining. With an increasing number of plant-based eateries popping up around the city, Calgary is on track to become one of Canada’s top vegan destinations.

Must-Try Vegan Restaurants

  • The Coup: This stylish eatery offers an eclectic menu of globally inspired vegan dishes, as well as a selection of inventive cocktails.
  • Hearts Choices: A Thai-inspired café and market that serves up mouthwatering curries, salads, and noodle dishes.
  • Raw Eatery & Market: For those who prefer their food uncooked, this raw vegan restaurant offers a variety of salads, wraps, and delicious desserts.

Ottawa: A Vegan Oasis in the Nation’s Capital

Why Ottawa?

Ottawa may be known for its political prowess, but it’s also home to a thriving vegan scene. With its growing number of plant-based restaurants and events like VegFest, Ottawa is quickly becoming a top destination for vegans across Canada.

Must-Try Vegan Restaurants

  • Pure Kitchen: With multiple locations in the city, this vegetarian hotspot offers an array of satisfying plant-based dishes from tacos to smoothie bowls.
  • Café My House: Experience fine dining at its best with innovative and artfully presented vegan cuisine that will leave you wanting more.
  • Little Jo Berry’s: Satisfy your sugar cravings with an assortment of vegan baked goods and specialty coffees at this charming café.

Honorable Mentions: Other Great Vegan Cities in Canada

While the cities listed above are some of the best in terms of vegan offerings, there are plenty more Canadian cities with noteworthy plant-based scenes:

  1. Victoria: Try Green Cuisine or Rebar for delicious vegan meals on Vancouver Island.
  2. Winnipeg: Feast on tasty plant-based dishes at Boon Burger or Roughage Eatery.
  3. Halifax: Visit enVie A Vegan Kitchen or The Wild Leek for delightful vegan fare on the east coast.

Armed with this guide to the best vegan cities in Canada, you’re well on your way to exploring the diverse and delicious world of plant-based cuisine. So go forth and indulge in the mouthwatering vegan dishes that these Canadian gems have to offer!

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