You deserve to feel your healthiest and happiest.

What we Do:

As Registered and Licensed Dietitians/Nutritionists we each have greater then 14 years of experience, our background is in the science behind nutrition. From stress management, movement, sleep, loving relationships, to eating best for your lifestyle — we can help.

In our early career as Dietitians, we had the privilege to help a variety of diseases in clinical settings— whether lifestyle-related or not — managing heart disease, autoimmune issues, metabolic syndrome, IBS, to women’s health in pregnancy. Our personal favorite topics in nutrition revolve around healing our digestive system and brain health, keeping energy up, digestion calm, and enhancing athletic performance.

We have coached people to better their health through nutrition, lifestyle change, and how to live well beyond coaching sessions.

Using science-based techniques, we want to help you…

Boost your energy levels
Regain control of your relationship with food
Feel and look your best!
Get comfortable in your own skin
Conquer cravings by eating what you love


As registered dietitians nutritionists, we have extensive experience helping people just like you reach their health and wellness goals through individualized nutrition counseling (including virtual nutrition counseling services) and lifestyle coaching.

Let us help you take the confusion out of nutrition!

Here’s how it works:


We’ll talk about your goals, what’s confusing to you, and how we can work together to help you break up with dieting and feel your absolute best for good. Together, at the end of our initial call, we’ll see what plan is best for you.


Learning to eat to feel your BEST and improve your health takes time.

We'll work with you for 3 to 6 months (based on your individual goals) so you learn how your body works best.

First, we'll spend about 60-75 minutes in our initial assessment learning all about you, your history, and more about your goals.

 No matter your nutrition goals, our programs focus on adding more to your diet, not restricting, depriving or eliminating (unless medically necessary).  We want you to enjoy your life completely, without being controlled by a life of dieting and food restriction.


Then, we'll devise a plan that’s tailored to you so you can begin your journey to food freedom, without ever needing to go on another diet.

We’ll meet weekly so you can re-learn how to listen to your body, include all foods, and take the stress out of eating. You’ll start to feel better immediately!

Over the 3 to 6 months that we work to rebuild your relationship with food and form healthier habits, you’re assembling your toolbox. You’ll always have these tools from now on!

Invest in your health now and you will never have to diet again, you will save money on healthcare costs, and you will create sustainable and approachable healthy habits that will remain with you for your lifetime.

We'll be with you every step of the way as you create new habits that allow you to reach your health and wellness goals and makeover your current habits with a fresh spin so you can be your best self.

3 month plan

Most popular, jump start your wellness, plan includes:

  • Bi-weekly sessions for 3 months

  • Educational topics at each follow-up

  • Unlimited messaging support in between appointments

  • Personalized meal planning tools and recipes to fit your needs

  • Customized food shopping lists

  • Grocery store tour

  • Pantry makeover

  • 14 days of Customized Meal Plans

  • FREE Healthie app use

  • Between-appointment support to help you reach your goals!

This plan is for you if you’re ready to establish healthy habits without restriction, identify food intolerances, or improve current healthy habits.

6 month plan

Break up with dieting, learn to create healthy habits, prevent chronic diseases, reverse pre-diabetes, or confront unhealthy habits with our 6-month plan, which includes:

  • Bi-weekly sessions for 6 months

  • Educational topics at each follow-up

  • Unlimited messaging support in between appointments

  • Personalized meal planning tools

  • Customized food shopping list

  • Grocery store tour

  • Pantry makeover

  • 21 days of Customized Meal Plans

  • FREE Healthie app use

  • Between-appointment support fit to help you reach your goals!

What to Expect

Our initial nutrition session: We conduct a review of your medical, diet and social history; daily lifestyle, eating, exercise and work habits; and personal food preferences, likes, dislikes, and goals. Based on your assessment, together we create a plan that meets your personal health, taste, and lifestyle requirements. You will get support and educational resources. Weight and body fat percentage may also be recorded to track your progress. 60-75 Minutes.

Our follow-up sessions include: Nutritional analysis, meal planning, diet management support, and accountability, along with tips, tricks, and food, recipe, restaurant, travel, and lifestyle suggestions to help balance your nutrients and meet your goals. You will get support and educational resources at each session. 30 -45 Minutes.

1. Click Here to send an email request or call us (954) 603-4433 to book your FREE Nutrition Consultation. You will learn how our services will get you the results you want. 

2. Once you've decided on the service and package that will work best for you, you’ll receive an invitation to the online portal to complete initial online paperwork at your convenience. 

3. Together, we will make an appointment that works best with your schedule, either face to face or virtually. 

4. Packages include access to a HIPPA compliant platform where you can log your meals on a desktop or mobile app with Dietitian feedback. Just you and me on your own time. Ask all your nutrition questions and get the  knowledge and support you need! Includes feedback and analysis of meals, dining out on demand, ability to ask any and all questions, recipe suggestions, etc.  You will get support and resources.

5. You are now on your way!

Encouragement, accountability, and consistency are the keys to success in a healthy lifestyle. At Nutrition Connections we emphasize just that.

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